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The camera buckle fastener is an excellent lashing band. It is possible to fasten the merchandise over a motorcycle very simply and never have to spend as much work as using an stretchy band. It’s time to use and change a brand new, far more convenient and outstanding item. Here are 4 varieties of Daravin brand lanyards.

Cam sequence buckle 35 model 8m long – 900kg weight.

Cam chain buckle variation 35 6m extended – 900kg weight.

Cam sequence buckle 25m extended 5m – fill 250kg.

Camera sequence buckle 25 version 3m very long – fill 250kg.

Great things about Daravin sling ropes

Satisfies European manufacturing specifications.

Made of 100% resilient, weighty-duty polyester.

Little size, can be used in the rucksack, car trunk, resource pack.

The merchandise guarantees high occupational safety, received the German TUV qualification.

Daravin facilitates customized-produced styles.

More details about daravin please visit web portal: click.

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